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Who is making our utility rate decisions and what you need to know! 

What's the ACC? 

The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) is a group of people who are elected to make sure that the companies that provide us with oil, gas, electricity, and water follow the rules.


Most importantly, the ACC decides if these companies can charge us more money for the electricity we use to stay cool and comfortable this summer. Their decisions affect everyone living in Arizona.

Lately, the ACC has been making choices that aren't great for us—

like letting these companies raise our energy prices, holding back Arizona’s solar power industry, and continuing to use energy sources that pollute our communities.

The ACC controls whether Arizonans can continue to afford basic needs.

Tell the ACC your issues!

Why does 2024 matter? 

The five people who work on the Arizona Corporation Commission are chosen by voters all over the state, and they work in these roles for four years.


This November, three of those spots are up for grabs, which means this one election could make a huge difference! Sometimes people miss voting for these incredibly important positions because they're at the bottom of the ballot.

What is the main issue you would tell ACC members?


The bottom line:

Arizona has two futures, one where Arizona is the solar capital of America, and one where Arizonans continue being taken advantage of by oil and gas companies.

The ACC will choose between those two futures. 

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